Northland Community & Technical College





Course Prefix and Number:Biology 2256


Course Title:Advanced Physiology


Credit Hours:2-Offered Spring


Catalog Description:A course designed to increase the studentís understanding of the mechanisms involved in the normal functioning of the human body, with lesser emphasis regarding the effects of disease on that function.Focus is on the interaction and integration of body processes.This course requires a thorough knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology.


Prerequisites:A&P 1, and A&P 2 or permission of instructor.


Course Information:


A)    Hours per week:2


1)    Classroom Lecture:2

2)    Laboratory: None

3)    Hours expected for student contribution:Each student is expected to attend all classroom lectures and participate in classroom activities which include large and small group discussions and projects, individual reports, quizzes, and exams.Students are expected to spend a minimum of four hours per week on outside of class activities including text and media reading assignments, preparation for discussion, and assigned small group or individual projects.†††

4)    Other (clinicals, internships, on the job training, independent study, etc.) None


B)   Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Area(s) Satisfied:None

C)   Program(s) of Study for Which the Course is Required:RN

D)   Other


Learner Outcomes:††††††† Understand mechanisms involved in normal functioning of human body

††††††††††††††††††† †††††† †††††††††††† Understand interaction and integration of body processes


Methods of Assessing Student Learning:Tests, quizzes, research reports, journal summary papers






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