Northland Community & Technical College

Instructions and Introduction

In the package you receive from us by US Mail, you will find the Lecture CD
Follow these instructions explicitly in order to have the best chance of success in working with the course

1) Insert the CD which is labeled as A&P 1 ONLINE in your CD ROM drive

2) The CD should automatically start and bring up a Menu Page

3) From the Menu Page you will be able to link to the POWERPOINT lectures

4) An alternative method of accessing the lectures is as follows if the above procedure does not work

5) Double click the icon on your desktop labeled as MY COMPUTER

6) Double click on the CD ROM drive icon

7) Double click on the icon in the opened folder which is labeled as START

     OR OR


Do not mistakenly double click on the start files folder

8) A page will open which looks like what you see below. Select the hyperlink you would like to follow

9) Use your Escape (Esc) button on your keyboard to return to the menu when finished with a lecture

10) Go to FAQ on the A&P 1 Home page if you get stuck, lost or have any questions

11) e-mail or call the instructor if you encounter further problems

You may also follow hyperlinks to interesting places on the internet

One of the first places you should go is to the A&P 1 Online Home Page

It is from this site that you may access quizzes and other up to date information

If you see the following button you may click on it to see more information about the topic

Links may lead you to an internet site or play an executable file in which you may need to interact

If you are given a menu asking if your intentions are to run a file from its location or if you would like to save the file, be sure you check Run this program from its current location before clicking OK and downloading

When asked to respond to this window Click Yes in order to run the file

To return to your starting points you will need to use your browsers back button or proceed to the next slide by clicking on the right arrow at the bottom of the screen