The links you find below are for the summary paper forms for each of the units. You may use these links for finding articles to read for your summary papers. Choosing content for readings for each unit is up to each individual student. The readings you perform need to be in the subject area for each unit however. Using the links below is a good way of searching for articles. You will need to do a little bit of "digging and searching" to find the articles you would like to read. Newspapers, Journals, Periodicals, Your textbook, magazines or plain old Internet Search Engines all would be appropriate places to find articles as well. Specific and direct links to articles from this page became too time consuming to maintain, so you will no longer find that feature here. The maintenance issues were related to keeping up the hyperlinks as locations for articles changed (which is quite common on the web). Good luck and believe me there is lots to find out there about Anatomy and Physiology for you to read.

Health News Sources

CNN - Health Heart News Daily JAMA News
Reuters Health News USA Today Health Index Healthy News Daily
Medical Breakthroughs Doctor's News HMS Beagle
Science News 1Up Info - A&P Encyclopedia Google
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